House of Nomad Design

Charlotte, NC

House of Nomad was co-founded by designers Kelley Lentini and Berkeley Minkhorst on the idea that travel fosters the best kind of creativity. A full-service design studio based in the South End of Charlotte, NC, the HON duo brings a fresh approach to interior design by collaborating on authentic, inspired spaces that stem from the intersection of their love of home and their love of travel. Kelley and Berkeley often bring back unique textiles, objects, and new ideas from various cultures around the globe, finding new ways to approach their eclectic, contemporary aesthetic.

In their designs, the HON team weaves hand-selected global finds into homes that feel authentic and personal, allowing clients to get a taste of wanderlust without leaving their homes. The world, the HON designers often say, is their ideal design school.

Coworking spaces and offices can feel so sterile and stuffy. We wanted people to feel comfortable and inspired.

A coworking building in the heart of Charlotte presented an interesting challenge to House of Nomad, presenting them with the opportunity to turn a space that is usually “all business” into an experience that is welcoming and fun. The space is made up of private offices, a conference room, and a restful & reinvigorating lounge to spend down time during the workday. The lounge proved to be the perfect home for the Ellice Sofa they selected in a washed texture performance fabric. In this boldly minimalist palette of black, white & light woods, the soft grey sofa becomes the midtone focal point of the room “We love the casual yet structured shape of the Ellice Sofa,” said Kelley and Berkeley, “and the high performance fabric is durable for a high traffic room.”

The designers found their inspiration for this coworking space in modern global design. Playful pattern and natural materials found their way into every aspect of the space, from woven rattan and caning to plush pillows. “We find inspiration while we are traveling and sourcing for clients,” said Kelley and Berkeley, who also constantly source products for their ever-evolving HON shop in Charlotte. Layers of texture and statement light fixtures all deliver the feel of objects collected from around the world, along with their signature complementary pops of color to keep things fresh and fun!

“Rowe has always been a favorite of ours! We look forward to working with them in years to come.”