Artiste Now Collection

Sometimes “your way” means “right away”. Artiste Now brings together seven of the Artiste collection’s most popular groups in best-selling fabrics, finishes and hardware, stocked and ready to ship so you can enjoy them even sooner. The groups can be purchased together or as single pieces.

The Stylish and Comfortable

Artiste Now Collection

Create Your Own Masterpiece. Choose from over 200 styles and sizes, 20 fabrics, 11 finishes, 38 hardware styles and 3 hardware finishes to create your own custom bedroom furniture.

Artistic. Reflective. Timeless. We are A.R.T. Furniture.

These three qualities are the heart and soul of our creative vision. Our story began when we were founded in 2003 by two artists. For nearly twenty years, each piece of our furniture has been thoughtfully designed and crafted to be a true work of art.