Landmark Collection

Rich—yet livable—materials play a leading role in the updated look, including mottled silver decorative metal overlays and custom hardware with unexpected hexagonal forms. Black marble tops make an appearance on several pieces and are paired with hand-painted posts that mimic the look of marble, creating a striking contrast against the Tenebre finish. On upholstered beds and dining chairs, look for charcoal velvets, faux crocodile leather and menswear-inspired fabrics for a fresh approach to classic styling.

The Stylish and Comfortable

Landmark Collection

Rooted in tradition, yet updated for today, Landmark pays homage to 19th-century Louis Philippe styling, while elevating the classic design aesthetic from the expected to the extraordinary.

Artistic. Reflective. Timeless. We are A.R.T. Furniture.

These three qualities are the heart and soul of our creative vision. Our story began when we were founded in 2003 by two artists. For nearly twenty years, each piece of our furniture has been thoughtfully designed and crafted to be a true work of art.