Signature Simpatico is an internationally inspired collection of cosmopolitan pieces designed to create modern and urbane interiors with a sophisticated aura. With this introduction, our designers thoughtfully considered how to capture the uniqueness and grounding effect of nature. At the heart of this collection is a captivating live edge fumed oak veneer that enriches the dining table top and wraps around the buffet and entertainment consoles’ doors. Case pieces offer beautiful finishes, rounded curves and sleek lines. Upholstered items bring forth strong, sinuous silhouettes. The focus for this collection is also on providing Signature pieces that enable you to relax and entertain in your home with style and ease. Offering its own unique fingerprint, Signature Simpatico will work beautifully with the silhouettes, finishes and metals of other Signature collections.

Why Choose Caracole

If you are looking for a beautiful turn in a new direction, discover Caracole. We create high-style furniture, filled with personality, and offered at an exceptional value.

We use unique materials and create individual pieces, rather than collections. We disregard the notion that particular pieces must reside in particular rooms. And in the process, distinctive pieces come to life, for every room of the home.

Caracole. From Classic to Modern.

When you think of Caracole, think of a highly edited portfolio of furnishings - from classic to modern in detail - defined by exceptional style. Each piece is a breath of fresh air, infinitely adaptable and ultimately unique, to take your home in a beautiful new direction.