The Artistry of Jonathan Charles

JONATHAN CHARLES /ˈjänəTHən/  /tʃɑrlz/

maker of high-end furniture objects

Renowned for blending eclectic materials and innovative design with a master craftsman’s attention to detail, Jonathan Charles is widely considered among the highest quality fine furniture makers in the world.

CRAFTSMANSHIP /ˈkraf(t)smənˌSHip/

the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry

We’re artists in a studio, not machines on an assembly line. Originally founded by English furniture designer Jonathan Sowter, Jonathan Charles earned worldwide recognition excelling in the art of fine antique reproductions. Our craftswomen and craftsmen are artists, skilled at age-old furniture making techniques such as lost-wax casting, hand-cut marquetry, and crisp detailed hand carvings. Their creations exhibit unparalleled quality and a legacy of centuries of craftsmanship.

Unlike the majority of furniture manufacturers, Jonathan Charles custom casts its own hardware for each piece in our foundry, making our furniture indisputably unique. One-of-a-kind pulls, locks, hinges, and keys offer a deep level of customization and attention to detail that allows for unlimited potential when it comes to design.

VISION /ˈviZHən/

the ability to think about the future with imagination and wisdom

The world doesn’t need another mass market product. Like our artisan craftsman in the studio, the Jonathan Charles design team is driven by a passion for creating objects worth collecting. When placed in an environment, our furniture demands attention and conveys a thoughtfully crafted aesthetic akin to a piece of artwork. Our work is designed to make a statement and elicit a response.

We draw inspiration from the everyday world around us – a piece of fossilized coral, the feel of Scottish fog on your face, an antique French radiator cover – and look for ways to create standalone pieces and carefully curated portfolios that resonate in a similarly evocative way. Our furniture is not just utilitarian, it’s exquisite to see, touch and experience.

How Our Designers Feel

“Jonathan Charles is one of my go-to resources because of their incredible assortment of styles. Whether I am designing Mid-Century inspired interiors or layering Art Deco furnishings, they have it all. Their superior quality and craftsmanship always affords peace of mind when recommending to my clients.”

Rajni Alex Design

“Jonathan Charles is my first choice when specifying for my most discerning clients and projects. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship always exceeds my expectations!”

Philip Gulotta Design