The Toulouse Collection

The best of 20th century european modern sensibilities are brought to life using exquisite craftsmanship, unexpected applications of walnut veneer and eye-catching metal accents. elevating the Toulouse Collection's design signature is the expertly applied heritage craft of duck eggshell inlay, evoking a sense of timeless art in modern form.

…the evolution of artistry

Our passion for detail is also reflected in our in-house brass foundry, in which we manufacture our own hardware so that when we design a new piece of furniture we can also design one-of-a-kind pulls, hinges, locks and even keys for that piece.

About Jonathan Charles

As makers, we celebrate a legacy of meticulous workmanship. As creatives, we explore and envision new possibilities. Producing collections and individual objects that elevate heritage craftsmanship with modern sensibility is what Jonathan Charles embodies. Simply stated, it is the evolution of artistry.