Design Shop Interiors

Sacramento, CA

There are few architectural fantasies dreamier than the idea of living in a gorgeous modern farmhouse out in the country. For a few lucky homeowners, the talented team behind Design Shop Interiors transformed that dream into a reality! Leyla Jaworski and Whitney Rose, the owner/creative director and lead designer of this full-service design studio, regularly apply their bright, modern & eclectic style to an impressive roster of residential and commercial projects, from new builds to redesigns. For this contemporary renovation of a working five-acre farmhouse, the team used a variety of Rowe custom furnishings to create two new spaces that embody their casual yet chic aesthetic, while embracing some of the home’s unique qualities.

This is a casual family that didn’t have a need for a formal space. We wanted to get the walls open and really make every room...usable for the family.

An extensive renovation of the main space opened up plenty of room to create a large seating area centered around Rowe furnishings, such as the Sylvie Slipcover Sofa. This sunlit space was originally the family room, but was beautifully reimagined as a living room with plenty of seating from a pair of Allie Swivel Chairs to offer views of the surrounding five acres. Upholstered in a soft neutral woven fabric, this sofa invites both gatherings of many people or casual lounging for one. A monochrome palette left plenty of room for the designers to warm things up with some well-placed natural elements such as rattan and wicker, fresh greenery, and plenty of stacked firewood.

“I love that dramatic floor-to-ceiling black tile. I selected the black tile so the stove would kind of disappear against it, but it ended up creating this dramatic effect against all the white and I love it.”

Deep blue pinstriped upholstery complements the dramatically contrasting color scheme in this eye-catching living room.

“Selecting Rowe pieces for this and every project is an easy decision for us. The quality of construction is excellent and Rowe is really paying attention to current design trends and styles.”

The home’s formal living room became a brand new family lounging area, complete with a deep, upholstered Bristol Sofa and a pair of Grant Chairs luxuriously upholstered in brown leather. The spacious, charming room is softened by abundant layers of cozy textiles, from upholstery to casual rugs and throw pillows. Finally, an oversized Miles Slipcover Ottoman offers a comfortable place to rest, play games, or place a bowl of popcorn for family movie night. Totally transformed by Rowe custom furnishings, this renovation and redesign by Design Shop Interiors creates not one but two ideal family spaces in this unique home.